This Membership Agreement governs the website membership rules and it is not possible to become a member without accepting this contract. With this membership agreement, you agree to comply with the following website usage rules; thus, it needs to be read carefully. If you have passed this stage, it means that you accept the following terms.


1. Parties

a) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Premium Luxury Watch Shop’).

b) internet user (“Member”) who is a member of the website)

2. The Subject of the Contract

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the terms of use of the Premium Luxury Watch Shop’s website

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. Member expresses and warrants that the personal and other information he/she gives while being a member of the website is correct before the law and that he/she will exactly and immediately compensate for any damages that Premium Luxury Watch Shop will suffer due to the fact that this information is untrue.

3.2. Members cannot give the password that he/she created on the Premium Luxury Watch Shop website to other persons or organizations, and he/she owns the right to use the password in question.

3.3. Members agree not to access or use the data of other internet users without permission. Otherwise, the legal and criminal responsibilities that arise from it belong completely to the Member.

3.4. Premium Luxury Watch Shop may disclose the Member’s personal information when it is required as a legal obligation or (a) in order to comply with legal requirements or with legal processes notified to PremiumLuxuryWatchShop; and (b) when it is necessary to protect and defend the rights and property of the Premium Luxury Watch Shop and Premium Luxury Watch Shop website family members.

3.5. Measures have been taken to ensure that the Premium Luxury Watch Shop website is free from viruses and similar malicious software. In addition, in order to ensure ultimate safety, the user must provide his/her own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection.

3.6. Premium Luxury Watch Shop reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, change or end any services provided to the user, and delete the user information and data stored at the Premium Luxury Watch Shop website.

3.7. Premium Luxury Watch Shop may modify, update or cancel the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement at any time and without prior notice and/or requirement. Any provision which has been amended, updated, or otherwise abolished shall be binding for all members at the time of publication.

3.8. Premium Luxury Watch Shop, in accordance with this Membership Agreement, has the right to send informative emails to its registered e-mail addresses and to send SMS messages to mobile phones, and Member, with the approval of this Membership Agreement, shall be deemed to have accepted the sending of informative emails to his/her email address and SMS messages to his/her mobile phone. If Member is willing to stop receiving email and/or SMS messages, he/she may give written notice to

4. Termination of the Agreement

This agreement shall remain in effect until the cancellation of the membership of the contracting party or the cancellation of membership by Premium Luxury Watch Shop. If a Member violates any provision of the membership agreement, Premium Luxury Watch Shop will be able to terminate the contract unilaterally by canceling the membership of the member.

5. Enforcement

Registering as a member means that the member has read all the terms of the membership agreement and accepts the terms contained in the membership agreement. This Agreement is concluded at the moment of membership of the Member and entered into force mutually.